Summer 2023

I still visit Fort Worth several times each year, primarily to eat Angelo's barbecue and to see exhibits at the Kimbell and the Museum of Modern Art.


On a month-long trip east, I saw the Tennessee River from the Hunter Museum of American Art in Chatanooga. I was pleasantly surprised by this interesting little city.


Breakfast at Roaring River. Even in Missouri this cool, foggy morning turned into a steam bath of an afternoon with a 110-degree heat index. I moved from the campground to the air-conditioned lodge.


December 2022

According to Google maps, here's where I went in 2022. Lots of miles. Very few people. Geographic extremes: Lampasas, Atlanta, Springfield, Padre Island.


My social isolation due to the pandemic officially ended in December when I attended a nephew's wedding, my first mingling with a crowd of real, live human beings in almost three years.


September 2022

Shadow selfie with rainbow trout. I was fishing at Roaring River State Park in southwestern Missouri for a few days, including my 75th birthday. Bliss!


Vacationing in Georgia for two weeks, I visited a friend whose home has a great view of wildlife. This faun foraged downhill from the patio, only about 20 yards away.


March 2022

At the Padre Island National Seashore, a great blue heron scanned the surf from the top of a sand dune. I go to PINS several times each year for photography and surf fishing.


Don't let those two bikers' shorts fool you. It was cold on the Port Aransas jetty this gray March morning.



April 2021

Freedom: Fully vaccinated effective April 24.
(Updated correction: My "freedom" proclamation was premature. Three boosters later, it finally felt real in October, 2022.)


February 2021

My 15 minutes of fame

I have interviewed lots of people, but this was the first time a reporter interviewed me. He did a good job. This article was written about a month after winter storm Uri.


April 2020


I followed the Surgeon General's advice and instructional video. Here's the resulting no-sew mask that I made today. I took a walk wearing it, and I could breathe!


February 2020

Port Aransas

Island whimsy: the parking post crochet project.




Beachcombing wasn't great on this trip, but I enjoyed my long walk to find this size 13 jellyfish.



A surprising sight from my motel room: oil, gas and chemical companies east of downtown Corpus Christi. Next time I'll sleep on a Mustang Island beach.



January 2020

Happy New Year!

I have a new look for 2020. No glasses! Thanks to cataract surgery I can now drive without corrective lenses for the first time in my life.


October, 2019

This fall I drove the North Carolina mountains with a friend who went to Appalachian State. The scenery was spectacular, and downtown Boone was eclectic.


In Asheville I had my first taste of the dish they call barbecue in NC. It tastes as good as it looks, but it has nothing in common with the Texas dish of the same name.


On my way to NC, I stopped in Auburn, Alabama, where I saw this sentiment on a professional building across from the university. Could it mean to take The Republic back from the demagogue-in-chief?


These were not my last pair of glasses. I sent this to a grandson as a tribute to Blippi, the theme of his second birthday party.



May 2019

Cesar Chavez

Here's a sample of the sites you'll see when you take a 30-minute walk on Cesar Chavez, near my apartment in southeast Austin. Spitfire Girl and Mr. Incognito sell oddities and unique goods in the white buffalo house.


Nearby these rental properties seem beamed-in from another time (Austin 50 years ago). Zillow quotes their current value at more than half a million dollars.


A few blocks away, this commercial building appears to be in transition to...something. The "No Trespassing" and "Keep Out" signs seem to be unnecessary. Would you go in there?


Vacant lots sprout food courts. When you take a break from your wellness co-working community, it must be good to know that vegan tacos are right next door.


Lou's Bodega, a repurposed gas station, wins my design and landscaping award.


And finally, this bus stop mural pretty much captures the joy of living in Austin.


April 2019

Spring at Last

At the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, visitors point to Athena, the Great Horned Owl, and her chick, nesting in a spiky plant. Athena nests in the same place every spring. My real camera was at home. To see Athena, rather than tourists seeing Athena, google "LBJ Wildflower Center owl."


The restaurant where I had this flight of sparklers isn't in the Hill Country. It's on 6th Street in downtown Austin. Balcony seating overlooks a creek and mature trees.



November 2018

Fall Colors

When I moved into my apartment, I wanted any view other than the parking lot. I like what I got; this stone retaining wall is outside my patio window.


There was fall color at the Laguna Gloria sculpture garden the last time I was there, too. How could Miffy cry in a setting like that?



In honor of Veterans Day, I tried on my uniform from 1971. It almost fits.




In honor of yoga, I tried out my new mat. It's blue. The purple one is a standard-size loaner from a friend. Bigger is better.


Lady Bird Lake on a calm fall day. An electric motor powers the fisherman's canoe. The city prohibits gas-powered engines on Lady Bird.


August 2018

West Again

My trip west has been smoke-free this time. The Painted Desert could have looked better only if I had been there at sundown.


I timed it right at the Grand Canyon. If you can arrange to be there an hour before sundown, find a colorful spot and see the change. The reason I was there transitioned from the depth to the light.


The glowing curtain hides a near view of downtown LA. Wow! I was visiting the son of a friend the day after we had been to a Dodgers game. The apartment is so close to the stadium that we walked home after the game.


June 2018

Austin Life

No, this photo is not photoshopped. A friend is helping me learn yoga. So far, so good. The hardest part of this shoulder stand was pointing the wireless shutter release toward the camera while in that position. (Note the small black object under my right thumb.)


In spite of the diversity and quality of foody spots all over Austin, I don't eat out much. At this point, I would rather cook for myself. This dinner was brown rice, beans, peppers and wine. The iced drink is water. Honest.




April 2018

The Boardwalk

Look north as you walk along the boardwalk on Lady Bird Lake, and you'll see a modern city.


Look south, and you'll seem to be in another world. I like having such easy access to both.




McKinney Falls State Park

This park is 15 minutes from my driveway. A five-minute walk gets me to this scene.



I love the sound of waterfalls. This was about as close as I could get without getting wet.



February 2018

Lady Bird Lake

This view of Austin across Lady Bird Lake is about 10 minutes from my apartment, five by car and five by foot. This eastern end of the lake is still mostly natural.


As I walked west toward downtown, the character of the shoreline changed. Boardwalks curve out into the lake. The lime-green object on the right side of this pier is a hammock. A resting hiker, I think, not a homeless person.

Aptartment 305

I had forgotten the experience of moving into an apartment with no furniture. Weird. I now have an Ikea glass table. Breuer chairs will arrive Monday. Sofa will arrive Thursday. Bed arrives in two weeks (an air bed does the trick for now). I'll be ready for company by March 1.

I have missed having a kitchen. Here's my new one. Not much going on here yet, but there's great potential.


January 2018


I moved into an apartment in southeast Austin in late January. This is not my apartment view, but it is the view from the patio by the pool. I see it everyday when I pick up mail.


More proof that I now live in Keep Austin Weird, Texas. This hybrid vehicle loomed over all else in a strip shopping center in south Austin.



The 2017 log is now in chronological order to make it easier to understand.