Larry Crowder

This is now a personal website. I retired in April, 2017.


Fort Worth

I'll spend the next 17 days here getting ready for the party on August 20. On the 24th I close on the house and hit the road, headed west.

August 20 Party Schedule
I will welcome guests any time between 10 a.m. and late that night. Appropriate food and drink will be available throughout the day. If you want to leave and come back, fine; there's a lot to see in Fort Worth.

I request that everyone be here between 1 and 3 p.m. That way you will be sure to meet everyone else and have time to talk. There are no formal plans. Just eat, drink, see all the photos, and talk. I'm looking forward to that.



Denver, Augusta, Noel

In the mountains near Denver, we hiked a gentle trail for a while and then drove along this spectacular river for miles. No camping for me here, I spent two days with a friend from our time in Madison and her husband. Harriet changed her life, too.

The third floor window of this motel gave me a great view of fireworks exploding over small-town Kansas July 4. Not a civic event. Just lots of people shooting lots of money into the night air. I've lived in a city so long, I forgot that was legal in much of America.


My drive from Denver through Kansas to Missouri took me through another small town, Noel, Missouri. After passing this house, I thought, wait a minute; is that real? I turned around to confirm that it is. The design is all stone.


Madison, 1975

Spending the month in Fort Worth to get the house ready to go on the market, I've spent a lot of time in the past. These are Harriet's diaries covering the period since Hilary was born. The open one in front is mine from 1975. I have no written record from Harriet for that time except: 1974 - met Larry in the fall; 1975 - Larry moved in. Mine is all about me and contains excruciatingly more detail.

For instance, here's January 29, the first time I set foot in Harriet's apartment.





Roaring River State Park - Missouri

My goal is minimalist camping that doesn't require a tent. I hate wet tents. This is my initial solution. So far, so good.

I like drive-in camping in a scenic environment. Roaring River has the added bonus of the trout stream 30 feet away.

That was less of a bonus when I had to evacuate due to a flash flood warning. But it was easy. No tent.




Mustang Island State Park - Texas

It's far easier to be alone on a windy beach than in an empty house.

This was a therapeutic spot to spend a few days.